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COVID-19 Update: Clarification on Montgomery and Robertson County Parenting Plans

Protecting Your Freedom

On April 3rd, Montgomery and Robertson County judges clarified the effect of Gov. Lee's stay-at-home order on the 19th Judicial District's Standing Order on parental visitation issued last month. In reviewing the stay-at-home order, they have concluded that Gov. Lee's order does not amount to a government-mandated lock-down that would trigger an exception to the Standing Order's general directive to follow the ordinary visitation schedule.

The legal basis for this conclusion is Executive Order 22's inclusion of "travel required 'to transport children pursuant to a custody agreement'" as an Essential Activity exempted from Executive Order 23's stay-at-home order, which is currently set to expire on April 15th. Therefore, parents in Montgomery and Robertson County should continue to follow the ordinary residential schedule under your parenting plans at this time.

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