Should you hire an attorney?

Protecting Your Freedom

I get asked a lot by people whether they should hire an attorney to defend a criminal charge like, DUI, or to just ask the judge to let them waive their right to counsel and plead guilty. If you are actually reading this, you're heading in the right direction.

My answer is always hire an attorney or ask for a court appointed lawyer before pleading guilty.
I would tell you to go hire a different attorney than me if you think I'm just trying to get paid. Why? Because it is you life and future we are talking about!

The main reason is more likely than not, most people have little to no understanding of how the law actually works. Even if you know a little bit, doesn't it make sense to have a trained professional assist you?

A properly trained lawyer can analyze a case and assist you in making informed decisions. A properly trained lawyer knows how the system works and knows how to work for you to get the best result for you in that system. Even if the lawyer can't "get you off," they may leave you in a better position than if you had done it yourself.

So, at least talk to a lawyer before you go to court. That is what they were trained to do. When you hire the right attorney for your case, you will look back on this blog post and be glad you read this.

Come see me and we can help you decide what the best decision is for you.

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