Stop Talking About Your Case!

Protecting Your Freedom

Stop talking about your case! NOW!

Stop telling your mom or friend. Or anyone else! Except your attorney! NOW!

Especially stop talking about it over the jail phones or at visitation!

I am putting so many exclamation points because this is so important.

In case you don't know, all phone calls from the jail are recorded, and those calls can be used against you. And if you are a family member reading this with and you have a family member or friend in jail, tell them to "SHUT UP!" Talk about how you are doing. Anything but their case.

In many cases it may not make a hill of beans for the government to know you were driving with a revoked license. Do you want your case to be the exception?

In a a jury trial I had for a client charged with murder, the Assistant District Attorney confronted my testifying witness about his conversation from the night before he had with my client who was in jail. Fortunately, it did not hurt my client, but it really caused a lot of anxiety. It looked bad at the time. All because they had a conversation about the case that didn't have to happen.

I know it is hard to not explain something to your wife or parents. Everyone wants to put their own spin on things. There will be time for that. Now is not that time.

Get an attorney. Do it fast. Protect yourself. And tell everyone who asks your attorney said you can't talk about it and you will follow that advice. Tell them that your attorney said they will tell you when you can talk about it.

Following that advice may very well keep you out of prison.

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