Veterans Treatment Court

Protecting Your Freedom

Veterans' Treatment Court, also known as VTC, is an alternative to the regular probation program. Usually a person who completes the program ends up with an outcome more favorable than the traditional court system. VTC is under the direction of Judge Goble, but there is a panel that makes the decision on whether or not accept someone. After someone goes through the application process, the panel will tell the applicant any special conditions required of them to get it. A common condition is drug/alcohol in-patient treatment. If the applicant or panel declines, their case(s) return to the regular system. It is open to active duty and veterans only, who are facing criminal charges in General Sessions Court.

VTC also works with several veterans groups to assist with housing, job search and treatment. I have put several people in VTC since its inception. Some have successfully completed the program, some are in still in it, and at least one dropped out. A few have refused the conditions required and never entered. I have also represented a few who got arrested while in the program and helped with those cases resolution within and outside the program. I don't always mention the program to eligible people because it is a lengthy and time consuming program, usually more restrictive than a sentence to probation.

There is no reason to put someone through it when the result I can get outside of VTC meets the clients outcome goals. For those that would benefit from it, I do discuss it with them. The court has prepared a booklet for those interested in the program to get an idea of what is involved with the court. It is not easy but I think it can really change someone's life for the better. It is what you make of it.

Remember, it is a treatment court. As a result, the court focuses on substance abuse, sobriety and mental health issues. It is a minimum of a year long program, depending on how a person does in the program.
If you are active duty or veteran, and you would like to see if VTC is the right thing for you, feel free to ask me about.

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