Stingray story in The Tennessean/USA Today on Feb.24, 2016

Protecting Your Freedom

Those of you who have read my blogs in the past have read about the government's use of Stingray devices before. If you have not, go back and read my prior blog and do an internet search to find out even more detailed info than my blog would cover.
A story in the February 24, 2016 edition of the USA Today/The Tennessean discusses the use of the device throughout the country.
While this article doesn't tell us much new about the device itself, it did tell us some information about agencies that use it and the steps they have taken to try and keep it secret.
The most prolific acknowledged user is the United States Marshals Service, followed by the Baltimore Police Department. Both have used the device over 4000 times. And that is just two of the unknown number if agencies across the country using it.
Remember, the devices could be targeting your neighbor but pick up your information in the process as well. Cell phones are not secure. Your data isn't secure, no matter how much you want it to be. So act like it.

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