Drivers License Checkpoint

Protecting Your Freedom

The Tennessee Highway Patrol has announced that they are having a Driver’s License Roadside Safety Checkpoints this Friday. That's Aug 8, 2014, but the time is uncertain. They could do it all day or just part of the day. The checkpoint will be on Old Highway 48 in Montgomery County. I do not know the exact location they will be at that day.

The best advice I have for anyone is to avoid that road on August 8, 2014 if at all possible.

I tell you this because they are not just looking at drivers licenses. This checkpoint could lead to arrests for drugs and DUIs as well as result in numerous citations for anything from seat belt violations to registration expirations.

What is the supposed purpose of the checkpoint anyway? They are supposed to verify that the drivers that go through the checkpoint have a valid license. The law allows law enforcement to do this with some restrictions. I think everyone driving on our streets should have a license, as well as proper insurance, but I know a lot don't.

You may say, "What's the harm?" I ask, "Why would you want to have to talk to law enforcement officer when you've done nothing wrong and don't want to talk to them?"

I don't like checkpoints, even legal ones. I don't like feeling like we live in police state where we have to show our papers just to pass from one location to the next. That isn't freedom. Now checkpoints at the border to get into the county, that is a different thing entirely. I understand the need to see people's papers to verify they are coming into the country legally.

What I am getting at is this is America. We shouldn't have to encounter law enforcement if we don't want to unless law enforcement can show reasonable suspicion that we have done something wrong or about to do something wrong.

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