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Bonnaroo Time!!

Protecting Your Freedom

It is Bonnaroo time! It is also CMA Fest time, but this is probably directed more to the people attending Bonnaroo.

Law enforcement everywhere in every county along the interstates will be looking for people going to Bonnaroo this week. The Tennessee Highway Patrol has extra troopers working this week for it. Right here in Montgomery County the Judicial Drug Task Force is looking. I know this personally because I talked to one of their agents yesterday who told me they were in the process of setting up right then.

Why is that? Because Bonnaroo has a reputation of having lots of people bringing drugs, and because of that, law enforcement are on the prowl.

This is Bonnaroo's 13th year and law enforcement are ready. If you look like you are going there because you have "Bonnaroo or Bust" or something similar on your car, you will get pulled over, and if you have something in your car, you will get busted. You will get pulled over for anything the officers can think of. Speed limit is 70 in most places on the interstate. Do 72 and they will pull you over. I had a client several years ago riding in a 1972 Volkswagen Van. That just screamed out to officers, "BONNAROO!!!" She was pulled over in Montgomery County twice on the way to Bonnaroo. Once for speeding, the other for going too slow on the interstate. Younger people with out of state tags are targets, especially RVs.

I am not suggesting people should use or transport drugs at all, but the best advice I can give is don't bring drugs through this area at this time. You stand a good chance of getting caught. I read a story about drugs and Bonnaroo a few years ago. The story suggested if you wanted drugs to take at Bonnaroo, there would probably be more than you could want there anyway, so why get caught bringing it there. Not a bad idea right now.

If you get caught, call me. I have dealt with these cases every year since Bonnaroo started. I'll being doing more this year.

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